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Extended Services


We continue to deliver services for children, young people and families in Inner South Leeds through the management of the JESS Cluster. Once again, the JESS Cluster has expanded this year and now includes 14 Primary Schools, 5 Children’s Centres and The South Leeds Academy.

We work together with local partners to provide activities and opportunities for vulnerable families with the aim of tackling the three obsessions identified by Children’s Services:

1.   Improving attendance in schools
2.   Reducing the number of young people who are NEET at 16
3.   Reducing the need for children to become looked after

     The plan for the JESS Cluster is to raise aspirations by offering opportunities that challenge and inspire while changing attitudes to education and future plans for potential employment. 

    The JESS Cluster is recognised as one of three Early Adopter Clusters in the city that has taken the lead on progress towards more targeted services in the community. The work has changed considerably over the past year; the JESS Cluster now has a Family Support Team which has a universal service delivered by 14 Family Support Workers based in the schools and also has a Targeted Service which includes a Schools’ Therapist and 4 Family Case Workers who work across the whole Cluster. The targeted service is accessed through a Support and Guidance group made up of professionals from 9 core services and draws on the support of a further 16 specialist services, including the Police as well as local third-sector organisations. The Support and Guidance group meets on a 3-weekly schedule and accepts 'Requests for Support' from all Universal Services within the JESS Cluster.

    The South Leeds Academy is an active member of the JESS Cluster’s work and contribute greatly to the impact that the targeted service has in the J.E.S.S. community

    For more information about Extended Services please contact the J.E.S.S team

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