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JESS cluster

JESS cluster programme

The JESS Cluster continues to grow and develop its targeted work. The Cluster team now comprises of the Cluster Manager, Cluster Project Officer, 4.5 Family Support Workers, an Emotional Health & Wellbeing Worker and two part-time Psychotherapists.

The Team’s caseload is made up of families that have been referred by a range of services including schools, Children’s Centres, School Nurses, Health Visitors, Doctors, Social Workers and sometimes families themselves. Referrals are submitted to a multi-agency group called the Support & Guidance Group who meet 3-weekly to look at the cases and identify the most appropriate service for that family.

The S&G Group allocates case to:

  • the JESS Family Support Team
  • the JESS Therapeutic service
  • the Targeted Services Officer
  • PAYP
  • Youth Service
  • 3rd sector partners 

And is supported by:

  • The School nurse
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Children’s Social Work Service
  • Attendance Service
  • Connexions 
  • Police
  • Probation Service 
  • Housing
  • Early Start Leader
  • ASB Team
  • 3rd sector partners


JESS Cluster Aspirations

  • To provide opportunities for children, young people and their families to improve their relationships, access a range of aspirational activities and change their attitudes towards education and employment as a means to improving their future outcomes.
  • To achieve improved school attendance for all children and young people.
  • To continue to support the Children’s Social Work Service Teams to reduce the number of children who need to become Looked After by delivering an early intervention family service for schools and Children’s Centres.
  • To work with partners to reduce the number of young people who are NEET when they leave school.


Since the Support and Guidance Group was established in 2011 there have been 40 meetings which have received 551 requests for support.

Since January 2014, 135 requests for support have been received by the Support & Guidance Group.

The families that the Team work with display a range of underlying issues; the analysis of cases carried out in April 2014 indicated that poor mental health, poor physical health and loss or bereavement are main contributors to the problems that the vulnerable families face. 

The Cluster team works closely with the 3 JESS Children’s Social Work Service Teams. The demand for their service is exceptionally high in the JESS Cluster -

  • There are currently 202 children and young people in the JESS Cluster who are Looked After.
  • There are 83 children subject to Child Protection Plans.
  • There are 421 open Child in Need cases
  • Between 1st April and 31st August 2014 there were 760 ‘contacts’ (requests for service) to the Duty and Advice Team and of those contacts, 453 became cases requiring an assessment by CSWS.
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