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Success on Talent Match

Richard Ramsey finds success with Dunelm Mill -

Richard started the Talent Match programme with Learning Partnerships on 8th October 2014 having been unemployed for 8 years and 4 months.  Richard felt that he was unable to find employment due to a lack of:-

  • Confidence
  • Qualifications
  • Prior work experience
  • Job opportunities locally

Richard set himself three goals on his initial assessment, to:

  • Get a 1st Aid qualification
  • Complete some retail work experience
  • Find employment

In order to address these barriers and work towards his goals, Richard attended a confidence building and positive thinking course; training around interview techniques, including a mock interview; training around job searching techniques; a specialist retail information day; one to one IAG and emergency first aid at work training along with one to one mentoring from his Key Worker at Learning Partnerships.

In December Richard was given the opportunity to do some work experience at B & M in Pudsey.  An initial visit was arranged but unfortunately Richard was too ill to attend.  The Manager at B & M very kindly agreed to rearrange the appointment and it was agreed that Richard could start some work experience.  Initial reports were excellent, although Richard was extremely tired having worked very hard lifting heavy stock and standing on his feet all day.  Unfortunately he was ill again but the Manager gave him the benefit of the doubt and allowed him to return to work when he felt better.  Richard had the misfortune of falling on some ice and hurting his back so was unable to continue with his work experience.  He was also having a difficult time in his personal life and was feeling quite low.

In February, Jenny, Richard’s Key Worker at Learning Partnerships, referred him to the “Goals” course to help him with his confidence building and positive thinking.  Richard really enjoyed the course and felt that it had helped with his personal progression and had increased his confidence.


By March 2015 it was evident that Richard was ready to try some work experience again and he was introduced to Dunelm Mills.  Richard worked really hard in the rug department.  He found it quite challenging physically as there was a lot of heavy lifting involved.  However, Richard was determined to succeed this time.  He had regular meetings with his Key Worker and with his workplace Mentor where his achievements and any development points were discussed.  Richard took everything on board that was said to him and the result is that he is now employed permanently by Dunelm Mills.

Richard sent the following message to Learning Partnerships, “Thanks Jenny, it’s the breakthrough I needed.  I can now look forward to a bright positive future, thank you for all your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated.”


 Since starting work it was lovely to hear from Richard again. Here’s what he had to say;

“I would like to say thank you to everyone at Learning Partnerships for helping me achieve my long term life goal which was to gain employment. I am now confident as ever and love serving customers on shop floor and on tills, this is my biggest breakthrough and I couldn’t smile wide enough. Thank you.”


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