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It's a Blessing!

Blessing took part in the Summer of a Lifetime 2011 programme. He was part of a group of young people who supported the Breeze On Tour events in Leeds by becoming a sports ambassador.


What did you do at the residentials?

At the residentials we went to Wales and we had a week of activities in Aberdovey like kayaking, Jacob’s ladder and we did lots of other team games.


What was your social action project?
It was voluntary work with vinspired at the breeze on tour.


Are there any particular challenges or barriers you feel you overcame on the project
Yeah I think lack of confidence to approach people but it got better and better and sometimes it was hard to get people to take part so we would do the race to encourage others to take part.


What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed kayaking the most and jumping off the boat I thought that was really fun.


What you think you learnt from doing NCS

I have become more confident and I think I have become more responsible as well. I have also improved my teamwork because I communicate more with people around me.


You want to carry on volunteering/working in the community – if so what will you do

Yeah I would but not sure what I would do just tell me the offers that are out there and I will get to choose one


Why you did take part in the summer of a lifetime?

I took part in to be away from home and just have a chilled time getting over exam stress and that and I needed to be away for a while and just meet new people really.

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