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Bradley Carrol joined the Youth Inspire programme in 2011 and gained full time employment after inspiring his managers and co-workers during his 8 week work placement. 

“When I first met Bradley he had a clear direction of what he wanted to achieve. Bradley was reserved, well mannered and polite when I first met him but it appeared he was low on confidence.”

During the YOUth Inspire open day interview, Bradley showed a considerable passion for engineering having spent a number of months travelling the rail networks of Britain seeking work opportunities within the rail engineering industry. This enthusiasm, desire and gusto are some of the quintessential qualities, which the YOUth Inspire programme strives to capture from its applicants. Whilst Bradley possessed exceptional practical skills and affable personal characteristics, he expressed the desire to hone his skills to the current employment market and this is where his enrolment on the YOUth Inspire programme would prove very valuable.

Learning Partnerships set about sourcing a work placement for Bradley which would utilise his hands-on practical skills to best use. Utilising an already established and successful partnerships with Leeds City Council, a placement was arranged with their mechanical engineering department in Seacroft. This would provide an excellent opportunity for Bradley to gain work experience in a highly skilled environment.

David Wilkinson, (Leeds City Council Maintenance Services Manager) has been a committed ambassador for the YOUth Inspire programme and has offered a number of work placements already. Even from early on in his placement, David observed the willingness and focus in Bradley.

is offered to all young people, also provides qualified one-to-one advice and guidance from a trained IAG officer.

After only a couple of weeks in his placement, Bradley was already proving his worth. His line manager Keith Thackery was immensely pleased at what he’d seen and the stated that Bradley was a ‘model worker.’ Keith also remarked that Bradley would regularly arrive at work early and get on with any jobs he could find. This was more commendable knowing that Bradley lived over 20 miles away; a journey which took an hour and a half by bus and train.

Bradley also showed great keenness to learn new skills and this was recognised early on, “I learnt many skills in my time at LCC. I worked on various machines, used tools, folding machines, guillotines and have also done some welding. I have gained so many skills in such a short time and believe I have now realised what I want to do as a career.”

During the final week of his 7 week placement, Keith continued to heap praise on Bradley’s contribution at LCC. Bradley had not only shown incredible reliability and commitment to the programme but had also proved a number of accomplished competencies, especially with technical skills in fabrication. Bradleys performance and abilities in the workplace had not gone unnoticed by senior management.

“Bradley has impressed all. He has worked hard, shown great commitment, innovation and has fitted into the team well; in addition Bradley's self esteem and confidence have grown noticeably.” Stated David Wilkinson.

Bradley is now working for LCC on a temporary basis on a new programme of work for roller shutter door maintenance, working alongside one of their skilled trade persons.

The positive experience Bradley has gained has given him the opportunity to move forward and establish himself in the workplace

Youth Inspire has enabled Bradley to gain the essential workplace skills and experience as well as building up his confidence in his own abilities. 

“I can now see a clear path in my life where I can move forward and I have gained so much confidence by being in a working environment.” Commented Bradley.

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