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Aims and Objectives

Our Vision: A society where indiviudals are engaged, inspired and empowered and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission: To 'engage communities, imspire individuals to achieve and improve life chances'.

Our Values:

  • QUALITY: we deliver excellence and quality in all that we do
  • INTEGRITY: we are guided by honesty, fairness and respect for each other
  • DEDICATION: we show pride, enthusiasm and commitment in everything we do
  • RESPONSIVENESS: we adapt provision and tailor support to individual needs
  • REPUTATION: we are recognised and trusted for our passion and ability to deliver and achieve positive outcomes

Our Aims: 

  • To provide learning opportunities for disadvantaged learners
  • To increase life chances, aspirations and choices of children, young people and adults
  • To contribute to raising attainment in inner-city schools
  • To improve access and progression through education, training, employment and volunteering
  • To support cohesion and integration in local communities
  • To improve outcomes through new and effective business partnerships

Our Objectives: 

  • To develop cross sector partnerships to provide 30 work placements, 100 places for vulnerable children and young people in extended services programmes and 150 volunteering opportunities
  • To enable 50 young people to gain skills and experience through volunteering and social action opportunities
  • To provide individual advice, guidance and employability sessions for all Learning Partnerships pre and post 16 learners
  • To work with schools, children’s centres and other services to support 150 targeted children and young people and 100 families to raise aspirations and develop transferable skills
  • To provide opportunities to 650 individuals in skills development, accredited training, work experience and support to employment
  • To provide 15 highly accessible ESOL courses in local communities across Leeds for city residents whose first language is not English
  • To create and maintain partnerships with 50 businesses and organisations to improve Learning Partnerships’ client destinations
  • To involve individuals on the development and evaluation of all our programmes
Our Objectives The above aims and objectives meet the public benefit criteria as defined in the Charities Act 2006.


Learning Partnerships is a registered charity, number 1003603